"Genuine sustainability . . . will come not from superficial changes but from a deeper process akin to humankind growing up to a fuller stature." -- David W. Orr


Some things you just can't rush. Developing sustainable leadership is one of them. 

Hudson Valley consultants Susan J Ragusa and Blair Glaser join forces to provide resources to strengthen nonprofit organizations. HV SLO (pronounced H.V. slow) understands that board education, shared learning and executive coaching greatly enhance the capacities of nonprofit organizations. 

We come free of "fast food" jargon-y  lingo, hefty "to do" manuals and gimmicky coaching packages. Just good, SLO consulting for building real leadership that has longstanding impact.

HV SLO  will ensure the sustainability of organizations as they continue to be champions of the common good and collaborators in our community.

Let HV SLO help your organization build capacity so you can confidently offer your gifts to the community.